Monday, October 05, 2020

New Swan Bag

 I’ve had this on the go for some time, waiting for hardware in the post and then needing something else and waiting for that. Maybe three times and I still need longer rivets to put the bottom thingys on. It’s made from a big canvas work tapestry found at the op shop, some roll-up plastic cutting boards for stiffening inside the base... which I kept not buying because they were too much money (I want to use what I have if I can, or make do if I can). Very strangely, one morning walking to the train station, I found three scattered on the road. True story. Lining is stuff-sack scraps from camping days. Washable, nylon. Because bags get disgusting. And a couple of really old stash (possibly Mum’s or even Grandma’s stash) zippers.

I need a bag I can sling over my shoulder or use with smaller handles. I bought a gorgeous camel hide back pack but it’s a pest to take it off every time you want something. So this has detachable handles. I can roll up the spare/s and put them in the inside pocket.

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