Sunday, August 05, 2007


my dad
used to pull people
out of car wrecks

we knew what happened
if you crashed

and your seat belt wasn't on

you'd fly from the back seat
right on through the windscreen

breaking the necks
of the front seat passengers

on your way

and lose a hand
or maybe two

before you landed on the road
twenty feet
or ten feet

or more

in front of the car

or maybe they'd find your
a hundred yards
down the way

the next day

covered in blowflies

we had seat belts
the second they were invented
and we fucking put them on
don't you worry


sitting here by the road
under a blue blue sky
on the green green grass

with little white lawn daisies
looking so sweet

waiting for wig to finish the hedge

i'm fully aware

that if a car lost control
on the corner here

it'd go right over


and pop my head
just like a watermelon

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