Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attention Nella

Iconography. The Nice Girls (silk, rayon, cotton, polyester, glass beads and murderers sequins).

Skirt & Bodice

This card dress is 5 year old size and hangs beautifully. I'm in the throes of making 2-3 others in various styles. I want to make a big, real or over sized wedding dress for Fashion Week.

'Night/Day' style dolls. If you can follow the diagrams (I promise to show it better for the actual submission)... You will see either the dicephalys twin heads and a long skirt, the single (twin) head and a long skirt, or the other twins, joined at the tops of their heads (forgotten the name), and a skirt coming down from both.

Ink drawing but will be Penny Rug design.

Misc drawings. These are drafts for the further Icon embroideries. The top one (Thinking About The Nice Boys) will be adapted to make Lamp Shades like the Card Dresses.

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